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Fabrication Services

In order for a machine to operate, all the parts need to be running. Thriller Fabrication & Manufacturing understands this. We back our skilled welders, machinists and fitters with a full-time quality control team to ensure our work consistently meets the highest standard of safety and excellence. Thriller also understands that time is money. Our services cater to your timetable, and as a 100% contained job shop we’re able to keep operations cost effective and meet your budget.

Plastic machined parts are essential in the military and defense industry, offering unique advantages such as resistance to extreme temperatures, lightweight construction, and impressive durability. These parts are not only cost-effective but also provide refined capabilities that surpass traditional materials, leading to innovative solutions in combat equipment development.

Custom laser and plasma cutting service in metal, plastic, rubber, foam, and wood. Laser cutting offers a cost-effective and on-demand solution for your manufacturing needs. Our laser cutting service supports a wide variety of materials, including many different types of metal, plastic (including acrylic), rubber, foam, and wood. We can meet your needs, whether it's single prototype production, low-volume production, batch production, or high-volume production runs. Can operate from the customers 3D CAD file (file formats include: STEP, STP, SLDPRT, DXF, IPT, PRT, or SAT files) or our Engineering staff can generate one for you.

Equipment Guide

Fabrication Equipment

Nukon Pro Laser Cutter with Fiber Optic - 3/4” x 60” x 120” 
Hi Definition Plasma - 2 1/4” x 200” x 250” 
PR4H Plate Roll - Up to 1” x 10’ - 2” 
1 Press Brake - Up to 350 Ton 14’ 
1 Press Brake Universal -Up to 1“ 600 ton 14‘ 
ARH50B Shape Roll - Angle, Pipe, Tube, Flat Bar 
PRMC 2004 Plate Roll - Up to 3/16 “ x 6’-8” 
Plate Shear - Up to1/2” x 10’ 
3 Metal Band Saws - Up to 10’ 
5 Horizontal Lathes - Up to 30’ Diameter x 8’-6” 
3 Mills - Up to 42” Trave 

Laser Cutting
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